Abdominal Separation

Abdominal separation, which may also be called DRAM (Diastasis Rectus Abdominus Muscle) can be a concerning condition for women to experience during pregnancy.   Abdominal separation is a normal change that occurs in order to let your stomach expand while your baby grows. It involves a thinning and stretching of the connective tissue (linae alba) between your rectus abdominus. DRAM is seen as a midline bulge visible during abdominal muscle contraction, and a gap can be felt between the rectus muscles.

Early intervention is important and treatment focuses on rebuilding the strength of your abdominals and educating you on managing your symptoms.

Prenatal physiotherapy helps to reduce the pain and improve your overall pregnancy experience. This can significantly improve your overall quality of life during your pregnancy and improve your post-pregnancy period.  There’s no need to worry that you can’t undergo physiotherapy while you’re pregnant.  This isn’t true.  Not only are you able to, but it also has proven results!

Management for DRAM includes:

  • Physical support or compression with tubigrip, SRC recovery leggings, or similar
  • Avoiding a ‘sit up’ movement day-day (e.g. log rolling in bed)
  • Avoid heavy lifting and using correct lifting technique when required
  • Avoid abdominal muscle strain (including not straining on the toilet, no breath holding)
  • Engaging, or bracing, abdominals prior to a cough or sneeze (holding a pillow or rolled up towel across the abdominal wall can also help)
  • Specific exercises to strengthen transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis and obliques
  • Clinical Pilates Classes

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