TMJ Issues

Your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is the most used joint in your body as its used for simple everyday tasks like talking, eating, yawning, and breathing.  33% of people will experience TMJ issues throughout their lifetime, but luckily physiotherapy can help with treatment and teach you strategies to ease your pain.

The jaw can be injured by a direct blow, overuse, grinding/clenching your teeth, arthritis, dental issues as well as stress/anxiety. Symptoms you may be experiencing with TMJ issues include:

  • Pain around the jaw, face, ear, and neck region.
  • Difficulty chewing, eating, biting, and speaking.
  • Clicking of the jaw when opening or closing. Clicking does not have to be a sign of dysfunction but can be an indicator along with other signs or symptoms
  • Difficulty or an inability to open or close the mouth.
  • Headaches

Our physiotherapists at Beaumaris Physiotherapy Centre have specialised training around the complex anatomy of the mouth and jaw.  We can ensure you get a proper diagnosis and use the best evidence based treatments to get you feeling better faster.

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