Taping is commonly used to protect an existing soft tissue or ligament injury by helping restrict unwanted movement to allow healing.  It can also provide pain relief, reduce muscle fatigue and help with blood flow, by shifting the load of the affected structures in your body.

Not only can it help with acute injuries like a sports injury, but chronic conditions which have not responded to previous treatments. Sciatica and plantar fasciitis can also benefit from taping. The most common areas we see needing taping are:

  • Ankle taping
  • Shoulder taping
  • Knee taping
  • Wrist and hand taping
  • Back taping

Our highly experienced physios will work with you to identify the best taping type and technique to help your injury.  We will advise you on the suitable amount of time to leave the tape in place as leaving it on for too long, it can actually have a negative effect.

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