Fantastic!  You’re expecting.  But the strain of carrying your little one around whilst pregnant has caused pelvic discomfort and back pain.  Whether your pain is felt in and around your pubic bone or across your back, you may be suffering from what is termed Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP).  The following 5 points are tips you can start with right away to make the things you do everyday a little more comfortable while you work on a solution to alleviate your pain:

1.Sitting Posture:

Use a small rolled towel in the curve of your lower back and have your bottom as far back in the chair as possible.  Sometimes using a small footstool can also help.


Sleeping on your side is always recommended.  To keep your hips level, use a large pillow to support your knees in an open position.  Place the pillow between your knees.  This will also help prevent your spine twisting and give you the best chance of a reasonable night’s sleep

3.Getting in and out of the car:

Always avoid separating your knees too much when doing this.  Keep your knees as close to each other as possible and in stages move your legs together out of the car

4.Standing and Sitting:

Keep equal weight on your left and right legs.  Poke your bottom out and sit down.  All the while making sure you maintain the curvature in your back.  To stand do the opposite!

5.Support Garments:

Support garments are a great way to help you manage your pelvic joint pain.  Ensure these are fitted correctly by your physiotherapist who is trained in the correct sizing of these garments.  We fit and sell these garments.  The main brands are the Mitton Pelvic Support Belts and the SRC garments.

To make an appointment to see one our women’s health trained physiotherapists, or our trained pregnancy remedial massage therapist, call 9589 3264 or book online using the book now function on this website.


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