According to research, 82 percent of runners will experience some form of injury throughout their running career. It doesn’t matter if you are an elite athlete training for a marathon or simply starting out on training for your first 5km event. Although running can be extremely beneficial; running can lead to injury. Some of the most common running injuries include:


How Physiotherapy Treats Running Injuries

Physiotherapy for runners can help ease the pain of injuries and strengthen the injured area. This is because the type of treatment ensures you are getting to the source of the problem and solving it rather than masking the pain. A correct diagnosis and tailored treatment from a Physiotherapist can help you back to full fitness and running at peak performance. There are a wide variety of Physiotherapy approaches plus various techniques used to help runner’s injuries, both as treatment and prevention.


What Your Physiotherapist Will Do to Solve Running Injuries

  • Start with a detailed history & physical examination
  • Reviewing your running style and technique
  • Assess your running footwear
  • Address any biomechanical abnormalities
  • Review training regimes and recovery periods
  • Treating the source of the condition with soft tissue massage and trigger point therapy, joint mobilisations/manipulations, dry needling, Shockwave therapy, ice or heat, stretching & exercise rehabilitation just to name a few.


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